When is it time to get a Virtual Assistant for your business?

Running your own business is hectic right?  Full on and a lot of hard work.  It is easy to see how it can take over your life.

It is never as glamorous as what you imagine it to be when you are dreaming of the business you want to create.

With a lot of hard work money starts flowing in and you start deciding you want to do more.  Achieve more.  You start coming up with some great ideas and if you had more time you would love to try and bring them to life.

Well, maybe you can.

There may be a lot of tasks within your business that are taking up a lot of your time.

Tasks that someone else out there could do faster and better.

Wouldn’t that be a great help?

Imagine all those new ideas coming to life because you had more time on your hands to create them.

Well, my friend, that is when a VA appears from the magical Virtual Assistant island and offers their services to help you with those tasks that they can do better and faster – and they love doing them too.

A genuine hardworking Australian VA is just like you.

A small business owner running their own business.

Their business is all about helping your business with your daily tasks that they love doing and you despise doing.

The type of VA you may need depends entirely on what sort of work it is that is holding you back from building and growing your own business.

  • Maybe you hate keeping track of the daily bookkeeping tasks.
  • Maybe you find updating a blog page on your website to be time consuming.
  • Maybe you get interrupted too often with phone calls and need a reception service.
  • Maybe you need your basic administration tasks like letter writing, spreadsheet data entry, presentation creations etc taken over so you have more time to do other things because technology is not your strong point.
  • Maybe you need some to control your bookings and calendar/email.
  • Maybe you need someone to book your next corporate event or travel booking as you just don’t have the time.

A VA can make all of these tasks (plus many, many more) look so easy.

Your VA may not be physically sitting at your place of work but they are always there for you as their client.

Any VA / Client relationship needs to have clear communication.  Whether it be phone, email or other platforms such as skype or zoom meetings your VA is always there in communication with you.

As mentioned, VAs are running their own business as independent contractors, much like your accountant or electrician, and so will invoice you as a client for the time spent on your tasks.

VAs may work with a number of clients.

You may be sharing your VA as your task may only take up 10 hours a week.

The VA is not relying on your for constant work to support their income so there is less pressure on you to provide the work.

A lot of VAs have a number of clients who have ad-hoc work provided to them when clients need certain work completed or set weekly tasks.

What a VA learns from another client may help them with their skills to help you with other work as well.

As a general rule a VA has the equipment, software, skills ad their time to support your business and the tasks you require undertaken.

This saves you the time and money of employing an employee within the business itself.

As with any contractor, all of this is outlined very clearly before any work is undertaken with a proposal and an agreement between both parties.

When you start working with a VA it can be hard to let go of what you are used to doing yourself and letting some one else take it over.

You need to have the trust and faith in that person that they are performing those tasks to the ability that you expect.

You need to have the confidence that you have found the right VA for you to move forward.

Always think about the following things when looking for a VA:

  • Do they have the sort of work style that you are after?
  • How much experience do they have?  If starting out are you willing to give them a go?  How did you start out?  Did someone give you a go?
  • How do they like to communicate?
  • What do they charge and how do they charge?  Is it what you are willing to pay for the right VA?
  • Do you like them?
  • Is there a connection?

Most VAs can charge anywhere from $30 for basic admin tasks all the way through to $200 for specialist tasks.

What you need to consider is ‘What is your time worth?’

As an example, you are worth $120 per hour, but you are spending what feels like forever on an admin task such as creating a power point presentation for a potential client.  It could take you 3 hours to do this as you are unsure how to use Power Point.  You have just cost yourself $360.

If you contracted a VA who is proficient in Power Point to perform this task for you and create the presentation they may have this done within two hours and charged out at $50 per hour. That is $100 to have the project completed by a VA while you are spending that time working on other important things and making money.

VA all the way!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding my services or engaging a VA.

Carina Gazzard
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Carina Gazzard
Tax Practitioners Board BAS Agent
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