How does a VA Work?

Starting and building a business can be hard work!  REALLY hard work!

You want to spend every waking hour working on it and pushing yourself to have it all right from the start.  There can be so many elements to running a business and unfortunately no matter what type of business you are running you will always have tasks that HAVE to be done but you HATE doing!

This is namely ADMIN and BOOKKEEPING.

That is where a Virtual Assistant comes into the mix to help you and your business (also your sanity).

Just like you are running your business, a VA is also running their own business doing the Admin and Bookkeeping for people just like you!  Reviews and recommendations from clients are very important to them to grow their own business so they always do their absolute best to deliver their service at 100% just as you would for your business.

It can be really difficult to find someone that you can fully trust to assist you with building your business.   It is your baby and you want to do it all.  Virtual Assistants are trustworthy and very hardworking.  They listen hard, they take all of your requests on board without missing a beat. The right VA will offer a skill set that is completely suited to your business.

A VA can save your business money by not having to employ someone as an Admin Assistant.  This can save a business from having to pay an employee a set wage, allow annual leave and pay their superannuation.  Your business also does not need to provide a working space and technology requirements that an employee requires.

A VA works remotely from their own home office and charges their clients hourly or by project.  They only work the hours required for the tasks and no more!  They have an ABN and invoice the client directly for the hours worked at the rate that the VA provides.  The right VA will have the skills, information and any software needed to service your business but you always have the chance to offer a VA training in your specific requests to ensure they are across the board on what you require. VA’s regularly work with clients over face to face programs such as Zoom and skype to keep in touch with their clients.  All of the modern-day cloud apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Zoom and Skype enable businesses to engage more with VA’s cutting out the need for an employee in some situations.

Take note:  Not all VA’s are the right VA. Most VA’s advertise what their business specialises in and what they have experience in.  Experienced and dedicated VA’s are always happy to do extra training for the right client.  A great VA is a super-fast learner and eager to learn new programs and apps for their own business growth.  A great VA also may have some better ideas or ways of doing certain tasks that are currently being undertaken in your business.

So if you feel you could benefit from a VA for your growing business get in touch with us today.

Would you like further information about how a VA could help you get your sanity back?  Contact us today.

Don’t drown in the admin and bookwork and cause yourself unnecessary stress.

Once you use a VA you won’t look back.

Here at CEG Online Solutions we help busy small business owners with their:

  • Bookkeeping – QBO, XERO, MYOB and Reckon Hosted
  • Document Creation – Spreadsheets, Typing, Powerpoint Presentations
  • Social Media Support – Graphic and content creation and scheduling for Facebook and Instragram.
  • Email and Calendar Management
  • Email Newsletter creation – email marketing
  • Plus much more – you just need to ask!

Have a great day!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding my services or engaging a VA.

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Carina Gazzard
Tax Practitioners Board BAS Agent
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