How does a Virtual Assistant compare to an employee?

How does a VA compare to an employee

Are you struggling for time in your business?  Getting snowed under? Is it time to look at getting some assistance?

The big question is, should you look at employing someone or should you consider engaging a VA to undertake certain tasks that you are struggling with?  While many companies struggle with the idea of outsourcing tasks to somebody who is not under their roof and not sitting at one their desks, more and more are now benefiting from using a contractor for certain tasks.

This is what we call a ‘Virtual Assistant’.

Running a business is hectic and chaotic at the best of times right?  A lot of hard work, sweat and tears is needed to build a successful and thriving business.  As the business succeeds and grows, you are getting the money flowing in and your business brain just wants to achieve more, grow more and be better than you are. Along with this comes more chaos and you find that you just do not have enough hours in the day to do everything that you need to do. You don’t want all the hard work to end in disaster and lose business. You need to focus your time and energy on what made you start your business in the first place. The other things could be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. 

But why not just hire an office chick/gent or an admin lover a few days a week to come and work for you?  Because that is not your only option. You could use a VA and outsource certain tasks. There are many benefits to engaging a VA and I have listed some below.

So, do you have some tasks within your business that are taking up a lot of your time? Tasks that a specialist in that area could do faster and better than you?  Well, that is when a VA, who LOVES those tasks and CAN do them faster and better than you is needed!

Australian, hardworking professional VAs are just like you. They are running their own business which is helping other businesses run their business. The type of work that you would consider outsourcing will determine the type of VA that you may be looking for.

Here are some examples of tasks that you may consider engaging a VA to undertake for you:

  • Bookkeeping — The VA must be a registered BAS Agent or working under supervision according to the TPB rules.
  • Administration — Presentations, letter typing, spreadsheet analysis, amongst other admin tasks is great for a VA.
  • Inbox and diary management — Too many emails?  A VA can sort your inbox and book your meetings
  • Email marketing — Trying to build an email list and want to send newsletters to your customers? A VA can sort that!
  • Travel bookings — Frequent Flyer? A VA can undertake the research and handle all your travel bookings.
  • Blog writing — A VA loves words and typing and putting it all together to write your blogs to advertise your business.
  • Website creation — Is your business growing so much you need a professional website to gain more interest?
  • Virtual Reception — Too many interruptions during the day to get anything done?  A VA can be your virtual receptionist.

These are just a few of the tasks that a VA such as me at CEG Online Solutions can specialise in to help you and your business. Although I may not be physically at your office and sitting at one of your desks, I am committed to you as my client and always available to you.

VAs always ensure that there is extremely clear communication between them and their client and their availability ranges from phone or email along with face-to-face Zoom meetings or Skype. If VAs are local to you, they can even come and see you from time to time to check-in.

Similar to your plumber or the guy that just came and fixed your antenna on the roof or set up your computer system, VAs have their own ABN and will invoice you according to their terms only for the time spent on completing your tasks.

VAs can work with a number of clients at any one time. When you engage with VAs you are possibly not the only client that they undertake work for. You may be sharing VAs with other businesses for the same reasons that you contacted them. That takes the pressure off knowing that VAs are not relying on you to provide constant work but are quite happy providing a few hours a week to undertake certain tasks for your business.

Now we all know that it can be hard to let things go and hand the reins over to another person.  Good VAs will make you feel that you can trust them and enable you to have faith that they are performing the tasks to the ability that you are expecting of them. There are so many amazing VAs right here in Australia and so many places to find them.

Here at CEG Online Solutions, I get contacted by many people looking to outsource. I am a member of some amazing VA networks and if I am unable to assist you with a specific task, I will always know someone who can.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding my services or engaging a VA.

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Carina Gazzard
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