Cloud Accounting and keeping safe

Cloud accounting is awesome. Are you using cloud accounting or thinking about moving to cloud accounting?

There are so many advantages of accounting on-the-go one of the main ones being you can access your financial data anywhere at any given time.

But Cloud accounting can also bring with it risks of security and keeping your data and financial information safe.

Below are a few tips that may help you keep your data safe.

  • Use Two-Way Authentication processes to log in
    This authentication process offers an additional layer of security when you log on to your cloud accounting software. So in addition to your standard login there will be another factor that you are required to provide such as a unique pin code that is sent to a difference device or voice or fingerprint activation.
  • Track all movements within the software
    Activity reports can be run to show users who has logged on, when they logged on and what activity took place during that log on.
  • Create secure passwords
    Have a unique password for each application and change it every few months to keep the hackers away. Within that password use a combo of letters, capitals, number and other special characters.
  • Always be aware
    Hacking can happen through people, not just computers. Phone calls by people pretending to be the Tax office or IT or software providers can be received requesting password access. Never give out your password. Also be aware of emails that contain links to click on which can lead to disaster. Make sure all staff and users are trained and aware of not giving details away over email or phone.

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Carina Gazzard
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